If you're interested in this topic, you may also want to see the Protest & Propaganda Resource Guide.

Reference materials are a great place to begin your research. Knowing some basic information on a topic or issue will help you to read and use additional sources.

Censorship: A World Encyclopedia.
Derek Jones, editor. Fitzroy & Dearborn, 2001.
REF Z657 .C426 2001 v.1-4
Check the index in Volume 4 under art, comics, dance, film, heavy metal music, literature, music, obscenity and indecency, photography, or theatre. You can also search under United States, or by artist's name: Dali, Salvador; Disney, Walt; Eisenstein, Sergei, Jackson, Michael; Lee, Spike; Lennon, John; Moore, Henry; Ofili, Chris; Picasso, Pablo; Presley, Elvis; Serrano, Andres; Spielberg, Steven.

Art Censorship: A Chronology of Proscribed and Prescribed Art.
Jane Clapp. Scarecrow Press, 1972.
REF N8740 .C55

A bit old, but traces instances of suppression and censorship back to 2900 BC.

Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties.
Paul Finkelman, editor. Routledge, 2006.
REF KF4747.5 .E53 2006 v. 1-3

Check the index in Volume 3 under censorship.

Encyclopedia of Early Cinema.
Lynne Warren, editor. Routledge, 2006.
REF PN1993.45 .E53 2005

Check the index for censorship, racism/racial segregation, sensational melodrama, or sex.

Encyclopedia of Propaganda.
Derek Jones, editor. Fitzroy & Dearborn, 2001.
REF HM263 .E53 1998 v.1-3

Check the index in Volume 3 for censorship.

Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography.
Lynne Warren, editor. Routledge, 2006.
REF TR642 .E5 2006 v. 1-3

Check the index in Volume 3 for censorship. See also ethics and photography, feminist photography, or nude photography.

New York Times Guide to the Arts of the 20th Century.
Derek Jones, editor. Fitzroy & Dearborn, 2001.
REF NX456 .N49 2002 v. 1-4

This encyclopedia contains full New York Times articles from 1900-1999. See the index in Volume 4 for topics such as censorship, nudity, political art, or racism.

Oxford Art Online
Oxford University Press.

Electronic source. See article on censorship. See also law and art--censorship; obscenity; politics and aesthetics.

Oxford Music Online
Oxford University Press.

Electronic source. See article on censorship. See also politics and music.

Violence in America: An Encyclopedia.
NY: Scribner, 1999- .
REF HN90.V5 V5474 1999 v. 1-3

See the index in Volume 3 for topics such as art, censorship, dance, music, paintingphotography, sculpture.

Besides keyword searching, searching the library catalog by subject is a good way to browse around and get some ideas.

Art and state--United States
Arts and society--United States
Freedom and art
Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech--United States
Intellectual freedom
Motion pictures--Censorship
Obscenity law
Politics in art

In addition to subject searching, try keyword searching with a combination of words such as art* and controvers*. The asterisk allows your search to find art, arts, artist, artists, artistic, etc., and controversy, controversial, controversially, etc. Not interested in art? Substitute a word you're interested in, such as music* and controvers*.

This is a selective list of circulating books on censorship

It is important also to search journals and magazines when looking for information on a topic or person. To find articles on these topics, use the Article Databases.

Fear of Art: Censorship and Freedom of Expression in Art.
Moshe Carmilly-Weinberger. Bowker, 1986.
Greenfield Open Stacks N8740 .C37 1986

Suspended License: Censorship and the Visual Arts.
Elizabeth C. Childs, ed. University of Washington Press, c1997.
Greenfield Open Stacks N8740 .S87 1997

Violence in the Arts.
John Fraser. Cambridge University Press, 1974.
Greenfield Open Stacks NX650.V5 F72

Taboo Tunes: A History of Banned Bands and Censored Songs.
Peter Blecha. 2004.
Music Library Open Stacks ML3916.B545 2004

Periodical indexes are research tools that allow you to search for articles in magazines, journals and newspapers. Search results can be emailed to any email address from all of these.

Go to the library's Article Databases page for a list of the UArts Libraries' subscription databases. Check out the following for this topic:

EBSCOhost: Start all topics here! EBSCOhost is the broadest article database subscribed to by the UArts Libraries. It covers all disciplines and includes scholarly as well as popular sources. Create your own EBSCO account and you can save search results, save searches, and save personal preferences.

Nexis Uni is mostly newspaper articles. It is all full-text and updated daily, so it's great for topics in the news right now.

JSTOR is all full-text, scholarly articles. There is a 3-5 year time lag for most of what goes into JSTOR, so it is not good for the most recent materials.

ProQuest: The Arts is devoted solely to the visual and performing arts. Lots of full-text, plus scholarly and popular sources.

I found articles I want to read. Now what?
There are different ways to find an article once you retrieve a citation in the index:

--See if there is a full-text or PDF icon for the article you want and download it or e-mail it to yourself. If not, click the FindIt@UArts icon to see if our library holds the journal title. FindIt@UArts will also tell you if the full-text article is available in a different database.

--Use interlibrary loan to request materials not owned by the UArts Libraries.

Style Manuals: Citing Your Sources

When you find information on a topic, no matter what format it takes (book, journal, Web page), there are style manuals to show you the correct way to give cite those sources in a paper. Many of the UArts Libraries' online sources also have an option that shows how to cite that source.

Just a few interesting websites!

Censorship & First Amendment Issues: American Library Association
The American Library Association (ALA) has been a passionate advocate of the freedom of speech and of access to information. Every year they organize Banned Books Week and Choose Privacy Week.
Index on Censorship
A watchdog group based in Great Britain.
Film Ratings: Motion Picture Association of America
The group that brings you G, PG, PG-13, and NC17 (the rating formerly known as X).
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