Vik Muniz

This is a selective list of resources about the visual artist Vik Muniz. For more resources, check out UArts Libraries' Diigo tag Vik Muniz. It is also important to search journals and magazines when looking for information on an artist. Use the Article Databases to find articles on Muniz and his exhibitions.

Art and the Senses.
Francesca Bacci and David Melcher, editors. Oxford University Press, 2011.
BF233 .A78 2011
An essay titled "The Mystery of Representation: A Conversation with Vik Muniz" by David Melcher is included.
Masters of Deception: Escher, Dali & the Artists of Optical Illusion.
Al Seckel. Sterling Publication Company, 2004.
N7430.5 .S414 2004
An essay titled "A Change of Medium" is about Muniz. Plenty of color images are included.
Abracadabra: International Contemporary Art.
Catherine Grenier and Catherine Kinley, editors. Tate Gallery Publishing, 1999.
N6494.M78 A26 1999
Published in association with an exhibition at Tate Gallery, a short essay and images on Muniz are included.
Vik Muniz.
Dan Cameron and Miguel Fernández-Cid, texts. Xunta de Galicia, 2003.
N6537.M75 A4 2003
This catalog from a traveling international exhibition includes many of the artist's early photographs created from found objects and materials.
Reflex: A Vik Muniz Primer.
Vik Muniz. Aperture, 2005.
TR647 .M854 2005
This is an exhibition catalog from one of Muniz's shows as well as an autobiography. Full of color images and anecdotes about Muniz, it is highly recommended.
TRANSactions: Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art.
Stephanie Hanor, essay. Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, 2006.
N6538.H58 T826 2006
Muniz is included in this book of over forty Latino artists represented in the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego's permanent collection.
Waste Land.
Lucy Walker, director. Almega Projects, 2011.
This award-winning film documents Muniz's art collaboration with landfill recyclers in one of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's poorest communities.
Vik Muniz
This is Muniz's personal website and includes images, a biography, and an excellent bibliography.
Vik Muniz: Art with Wire, Thread, Sugar, and Chocolate
In this TEDtalk Muniz discusses his views on creating and creation. He also talks about the methods he uses in his work.

Brazilian Arts & Culture

This is a selective list of resources about the culture and visual and performing arts of Brazil, Vik Muniz's birth country. It is also important to search journals and magazines when looking for information. Use the Article Databases to find articles on specific elements of Brazil's culture.

Subject Headings

Bossa Nova Music
Brazil Architecture
Brazil Art
Brazil Artists
Brazil Canival
Brazil Dance
Brazil Jazz
Brazil Music
Brazil Social
Rio de Janeiro
São Paulo

History & Culture

Carnival in Rio.
Helmut Teissl. Abbeville Press, 2000.
GT4233.R5 T45 2000
This colorful book about Brazil's most popular festival comes with a CD of Samba music.
Between Empires: Brazilian Sugar in the Early Atlantic Economy, 1550-1630.
Christopher Ebert. Brill, 2008.
available in EBSCOhost
Learn about this history of the Brazilian sugar trade and how it has affected the politics and culture of the country.
Dance Lest We All Fall Down: Breaking Cycles of Poverty in Brazil and Beyond.
Margaret Willson. University of Washington Press, 2010.
available in EBSCOhost
Willson, an activist and anthropologist, tells us about her personal experience living in one of Brazil's slums and working with its community.
Laughter Out of Place: Race, Class, Violence, and Sexuality in a Rio Shantytown.
Donna M. Goldstein. University of California Press, 2003.
available in EBSCOhost
Goldstein provides a glimpse into the lives of Brazil's poorest women and details how they keep their spirits up through storytelling.

Visual Arts

Virgin Territory: Women, Gender, and History in Contemporary Brazilian Art.
National Museum of Women in the Arts. The Museum, 2001.
N6655 .V57 2001
This exhibition catalog documents the work of twenty-five contemporary Brazilian artists working within the country's cultural, social, and political contexts.
Brazil Contemporary: Architecture, Visual Culture, Art.
Nederlands Architectuurinstituut. NAi Publishers, 2009.
N6655.6 .B73 2009
This full-color book covers art, architecture and culture by showcasing Brazilian exhibitions held in the Netherlands.
Central Station.
Walter Salles, director. Columbia TriStar Home Video, 1999.
One of Brazil's famous films, Central Station takes place in Rio de Janeiro as a young homeless boy, Josué, finds assistance and companionship with a retired teacher, Dora.
The New Brazilian Cinema.
Lúcia Nagib, editor. Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.
available in EBSCOhost
This ebook covers Brazilian cinema from the mid-1990s through the early 21st century. Specific films and aesthetic techniques are discussed.

Performing Arts

The Hidden History of Capoeira: A Collision of Cultures in the Brazilian Battle Dance.
Maya Talmon-Chvaicer. University of Texas Press, 2008.
GV1796 .C145 T35 2008
Capoeira is both a dance and a sport, first brought to Brazil by African slaves and now practiced internationally.
Bossa Nova: The Story of the Brazilian Music that Seduced the World.
Ruy Castro. A Cappella, 2000.
ML3487 .B7C3 2000
Interviews with Bossa Nova musicians provide a unique glimpse into the sounds and culture of Brazil's popular music scene.
The Sound of Rio: Brasileirinho.
Mika Kaurismäki, director. Milan Entertainment, 2007.
This is a documentary about Choro, a unique blend of Brazil's musical cultures that is the foundation of Samba and Bossa Nova.

Environment & Recycling

This is a selective list of resources about the interaction of people and the environment, recyling and sustainability, and found object art. It is also important to search journals and magazines when looking for information. Use the Article Databases to find articles about these topics.

Subject Headings

Assemblage (Art)
Found Objects Art
Human Beings - Effect of Environment On
Human Ecology
Nature - Effect of Human Beings On
Recycling Waste
Trash Art

Humans & Nature

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies.
Jared M. Diamond. W.W. Norton, 2005.
HM206 .D48 2005
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the book was made into a television series (GD304) for National Geographic.
Nature Performed: Environment, Culture, and Performance.
Bronislaw Szerszynski, et al, editors. Blackwell Pub./Sociological Review, 2003.
GF75 .N364 2003
This book covers the various methods of interaction between humans and nature through different theories about performance and activism.
Peter Goin. University of Texas Press, 1996.
GF75 .G64 1996
Goin discusses the various ways humans have altered the landscape and how "nature is becoming an illusion created by human ingenuity."
A Keener Perception: Ecocritical Studies in American Art History.
Alan C. Braddock and Christoph Irmscher, editors. University of Alabama Press, 2009.
N7480 .K44 2009
This is a collection of essays about the American environment and its relationships to art and culture.
Gasland: Can You Light Your Water on Fire?.
Josh Fox, director. Docurama Films, 2010.
This is an award-winning documentary about fracking, the controversial process of extracting natural gas from the earth.

Recycling & Sustainability

100 Years of Recycling History: From Yankee Tincart Peddlers to Wall Street Scrap Giants.
Charles H. Lipsett. Atlas Publishing Co., 1974.
HD9975.U52 L5
After both World Wars, Lipsett served as an advisor to the War Department on how to best dispose of war surplus, becoming well-versed in the history of recycling and reuse.
Recycled Papers: The Essential Guide.
Claudia G. Thompson. MIT Press, 1992.
TS1120.5 .T46 1992
Thompson covers the history of papermaking, the production of recycled paper, and how designers and artists can make educated choices about the papers they use.
Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things.
William McDonough. North Point Press, 2002.
TD794.5 .M395 2002
McDonough looks to nature's lifecycles as inspiration for rethinking the way we design products.
Empire of Scrounge: Inside the Urban Underground of Dumpster Diving, Trash Picking, and Street Scavenging.
Jeff Ferrell. New York University Press, 2006.
available in EBSCOhost
Ferrell weaves his personal narrative of living off the street with the larger story of the culture of trash picking.

Found Object Art

Trash: From Junk to Art.
Lea Vergine. Electa, 1997.
N6494.F6 T73 1997
This exhibition catalog covers the history of junk being used in art and then focuses on specific mediums, including architecture, dance, and theater.
Junk: Art and the Politics of Trash.
Gillian Whiteley. Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
N6494.T73 W55 2011
Also available as an ebook, Whiteley discusses the history of found object art, often known as assemblage.
John Knechtel, editor. MIT Press, 2007.
N8237.8.R44 T73 2007
In this collection of essays, artists, filmmakers, and writers discusses their views on waste and what our trash says about us.
Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary.
Jessica Scarlata, editor. Museum of Arts and Design, 2008.
N6494.F6 S43 2008
This is the catalog from a Museum of Arts and Design exhibition of fifty artists who work in assemblage.
Trashformations: Recycled Materials in Contemporary American Art and Design.
Lloyd E. Herman. Whatcom Museum of History and Art, 1998.
N6512 .H47 1998
Eighty works from the fields of art, craft, and design demonstrate the creative possibilities of recycling and reuse.

Community & Art

This is a selective list of resources about artists working within communities to create work and promote social change. It is also important to search journals and magazines when looking for information. Use the Article Databases to find articles about this topic.

Subject Headings

Artists and Community
Arts and Society
Community Arts Projects
Interactive Art
Public Art
Social Problems in Art
What We Want is Free: Generosity and Exchange in Recent Art.
Ted Purves, editor. State University of New York Press, 2014.
N8217.G43 W48 2014
This book covers over fifty international artists who use art to connect communities with needed goods and services.
Art, Community, and Environment: Educational Perspectives.
Glen Coutts, et al, editors. Intellect, 2008.
NX180.A77 A78 2008
Also available as an ebook, the relationships between art, community, and environment are explored.
Art in Other Places: Artists at Work in America's Community and Social Institutions.
William Cleveland. Praeger, 1992.
NX180.A77 C57 1992
Cleveland describes the postive effects visual and performing artists can have in places like hospitals, prisons, and schools.
New Creative Community: The Art of Cultural Development.
Arlene Goldbard. New Village Press, 2006.
NX180.S6 G55 2006
From street murals to political theater, this book describes how art can stimulate social change and affect communities.
The Interventionists: Users' Manual for the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life.
Nato Thompson and Gregory Sholette, editors. MIT Press, 2004.
NX650.P6 I55 2004
Published to accompany an exhibit at MASS MOCA, this catalog investigates artists who engage with the community to raise awareness of political and social issues.
Conversation Pieces: Community and Communication in Modern Art.
Grant H. Kester. University of California Press, 2004.
N6494.I57 K47 2004
Kester discusses international art projects that have involved the artist in direct dialogue with the surrounding community.
The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now.
Rudolf Frieling. Thames & Hudson, 2008.
N7433.915 .A78 2008
This book covers the history of participatory art, from happenings and performances to audience participation and social media as community engagement.
Art, Space, and the City: Public Art and Urban Futures.
Malcolm Miles. Routledge, 1997.
N8825 .M565 1997
Miles discusses public art as a balance between urban planning and social change.
Designing for Social Change: Strategies for Community-Based Graphic Design.
Andrew Shea. Princeton Architectural Press, 2012.
NC997 .S455 2012
This book acts as a how-to manual for artists and designers who want to create products and graphic art that can help others or those who want to work collaboratively with a community.
Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell.
Jane Golden. Temple University Press, 2002.
ND2638.P48 G65 2002
This beautiful book tells the story of the largest mural arts program in the United States.
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