Graduate Thesis Submission Guidelines //

Please note that any individual academic program guidelines for developing and structuring theses, and any program requirements for submitting hard copies, should be followed in addition to the following.

All students completing a thesis must submit an electronic copy of the final version of their thesis to the Libraries through ProQuest/UMI ETD Administrator. Your thesis will be archived in the University Libraries’ UArts Digital Collections and in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database.


Your Rights

  • You are the owner of the copyright for your thesis. This copyright is automatic and begins the moment the work is created and fixed in a tangible form.
  • You may choose to register a U.S. copyright for your work. This is optional, but you must register before you may bring a lawsuit for infringement of your work. ProQuest will register your copyright for a fee of $75. Or, you may register yourself at for $45. (Fees increased on March 20, 2020.)
  • Creative Commons licenses are a way for you to maintain your copyright, but declare what uses of your work you will allow. For more information see

University Rights

The University does not claim copyright to your work but, in accordance with its Intellectual Property Policy, reserves the right to archive a copy and use it non-commercially in order to promote the University and its programs. The Intellectual Property Policy can be found on the UArts portal under “Policies, Procedures & Forms.”

ProQuest Rights

ProQuest/UMI will have non-exclusive distribution rights. In the submission process, you will be asked to choose between Traditional and Open Access Publishing. You will also have options for creating embargoes, restricting access, search engine indexing, and allowing third-party distribution. For more information see below under “ProQuest/UMI Publishing Options".

Preparing Your Thesis for Submission

  • A 150-word abstract of your thesis is required by ProQuest.
  • You will choose one to three subject categories from ProQuest/UMI’s Subject Category list, that best describe your thesis' subject area.
  • You will submit your thesis in pdf format and may also submit any supplemental materials in many different formats through the online submission system. Files that total more than 100MB need to be sent to ProQuest on CD or DVD. Contact Josh Roberts if your files are larger than 100MB.
  • If your thesis includes supplemental materials, your 150-word abstract should include a description of each file (or set of files, if more appropriate)

Copyright Permissions

ProQuest/UMI Publishing Options

You will be asked to choose from several options for how your work will be published by ProQuest/UMI:

  • Traditional vs. Open Access Publishing: With traditional publishing, ProQuest/UMI may sell copies of your thesis; you are eligible to receive royalties on any sales. With open access publishing, ProQuest/UMI will make your thesis freely available on the Internet; there is a $95 fee for this option. For more details see Open Access Compared to Traditional Publishing.
  • Embargoes, Restrictions, Search Engines, and Third-Party Distribution: Please see the Embargoes & Restrictions guide for advice on choosing the best options for you.

Format Requirements

Content Type Accepted Formats
Text (with any images, charts, etc. included in the body of the text) Adobe PDF (.pdf) -- fonts embedded; no compression; no password protection; no digital signature.
Images GIF (.gif); JPEG (.jpeg); TIFF (.tif)
Audio AIF (.aif): CD-DA; CD-ROM/XA; MIDI (.midi): MPEG-2; SND (.snd): WAV (.wav)
Video Apple Quck Time (.mov); Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved (.avi); MPEG (.mgp)
Data Sets ASCII text; CSV; XML

To ensure that your thesis is presented in the manner you intend, submit digital files that are of sufficiently high quality. You are responsible for the appearance of your manuscript in PDF. It will appear and may be downloaded exactly as you submit it.

For more detailed formatting requirements including formatting fonts, margins, etc., see Preparing Your Manuscript Guide.

Title Page

The title page must be formatted according to the University’s thesis title page guidelines.

Publishing Your Thesis with ProQuest

For resources and guidelines for publishing your thesis, see the UMI ETD (Electronic Theses & Dissertations) Administrator Resources & Guidelines web page.

Submitting Your Thesis

You are required to submit one electronic copy of the final version of your thesis via the UArts–ProQuest/UMI ETD Administrator site. If your thesis topic relates to the field of education, you are encouraged to submit your thesis to ERIC, Educational Resources Information Center. By publishing with ProQuest/UMI and ERIC:

  • Your thesis will become part of the scholarly record, will be listed in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database that reaches a wide audience, and will be archived in both microform and digital copy (pdf).
  • You will have an option to order hardbound copies directly from ProQuest.
  • You may receive 10% royalties from ProQuest/UMI. See under ProQuest/UMI Publishing Options below.

Log in to the UArts-ProQuest/UMI ETD Administrator site and follow the instructions and steps on the site.

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