Reserving a DVD //

More than once faculty have planned to show a video or DVD in class on a particular day and have discovered that the item was checked out. With a little planning we can help you make sure the material you want is ready when you are. We urge faculty to do the following.

Call us (215-717-6280 for Greenfield, 215-717-6292 for Music) and tell us the date and time you plan to show a video or DVD. We will tag the item and do our best to have it ready for you. Please give us at least several days' notice in case someone has that item out. We will contact that person and let them know the item is needed. Faculty normally have a 5-day loan period, so do call us in advance and we will try to recall any checked-out items.

Put the item on course reserve. When making course reserve requests, faculty must specify whether students can take reserve items out of the library overnight or whether they may be used in the library only. We advise you to make videos and DVDs in-house use only. If a video or DVD does not need to be on course reserve for an entire semester, please specify an end-date; doing so frees up the item for other patrons, including your fellow faculty.

Please note that we do allow other faculty to check out a video or DVD on course reserve to show in a class, but the item goes out only for the duration of the class and not for the normal faculty 5-day borrowing period.

Please also note that requesting a hold on a video or DVD for a particular day is different from course reserve requests. See our course reserves policies.

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