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Faculty, the University Libraries will happily visit your class!

Here's a selection of what we can offer. Note that we are happy to customize any session to suit your assignment and your students' needs.

Please contact for scheduling!

Virtual Library Tour and Library Website Overview

(50 minutes)
Tour of our online library with an overview of the library website, including the databases, electronic reference and audiovisual resources. Can include research activities such as using databases, reference materials, and search features depending on your need.

Using the Library for My Major

(20 minutes)
Which online resources are most helpful for your students? Whether your students are visual artists, designers, performers, directors, writers, producers, composers, or grad students, there are specific resources catered just for them. One of our librarians will show students the best resources available for their course work, artistic inspiration, and creative research.

Image Searching as Creative Research

(15 minutes)
Whether your student is doing historical research for a play, studying vintage advertisements for design, or searching for the best platform to view brushstrokes of great works of art, they will benefit from our Image Databases. One of our librarians will demonstrate the methods of image searching and the databases’ functions and capabilities.

Streaming Videos: Research and Chill

(15 minutes)
The library has multiple streaming platforms for entertainment, cutting-edge choreography, avant-garde performance art, contemporary plays and musicals, new films, and much, much more. In this quick session, one of our librarians will give an overview of our streaming services, connecting the dots for how students can use videos and media for their course work and creativity.

Using OneSearch and Databases for Scholarly Research

(60 minutes)
What does the library's OneSearch do, and why do we have all those other databases? How can students refine their searches to suit their needs? How do they view and interact with articles and ebooks? Have your students find out in this hands-on session.

In-Depth Searching and Evaluating Sources

(30 minutes)
"How do I know which one to use?" A constant struggle for students is learning how to improve their searches and select the most relevant results. This session goes into further detail on OneSearch and gives students a review of determining credibility and evaluating sources.

Google Apps for the Classroom

(30 minutes)
This hands-on workshop covers features of Google Apps most beneficial to faculty and students in their classrooms and departments, such as sharing, collaboration, scheduling, and more.

Copyright -- The Ins and Outs, the Don’ts and Do’s

(20 minutes)
Copyright: what is it? How does it affect my art? What materials can and can’t I use? All this and more!

So You Have to Write a Masters’ Thesis

(80 minutes)
Using our library’s resources (databases, ebooks, scholarly journals, images, videos, etc) to form your master’s thesis. Research and searching strategies, research assistance and refinement, and more will be covered in this in-depth approach to your final project.

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