Library Liaisons //

Library liaisons are your personal connection to the UArts Libraries. They are available to answer questions about library services and resources, and to coordinate research instruction for faculty and students. Your liaison will keep you and your students informed through the Libraries’ blog, Facebook page, and via email about items and resources of interest to your department.

University-Wide Programs
Program LiaisonContact
University Common Curriculum TBD (Contact Sara MacDonald), 215-717-6282
Honors Program Sara MacDonald, 215-717-6282
ESL TBD (Contact Sara MacDonald), 215-717-6282
Film Design and Production Josh Roberts, 215-717-6244
Photo + Film Media TBD (Contact Sara MacDonald), 215-717-6282

College of Art, Media, and Design
School LiaisonContact
Core Studies TBD (Contact Sara MacDonald), 215-717-6282
School of Art TBD (Contact Sara MacDonald), 215-717-6282
School of Design Sara MacDonald, 215-717-6282
School of Film Josh Roberts, 215-717-6244
Design, Art & Technology Josh Roberts, 215-717-6244
Illustration Mary Louise Castaldi, 215-717-6283

College of Performing Arts
School LiaisonContact
School of Dance Sara MacDonald, 215-717-6282
School of Music Jim Cowen, 215-717-6293
School of Theater Jim Cowen, 215-717-6293

Division of Liberal Arts
Discipline/s LiaisonContact
Art History Laura Grutzeck, 215-717-6294
Creative Writing Mary Louise Castaldi, 215-717-6283
Film and Media Studies Josh Roberts, 215-717-6244
First Year Writing Mary Louise Castaldi &
Sara MacDonald, 215-717-6283, 215-717-6282
Humanities Seminar Mary Louise Castaldi, 215-717-6283
Language and Literature Mary Louise Castaldi, 215-717-6283
Period Interpretations Mary Louise Castaldi, 215-717-6283
Philosophy and Religion Mary Louise Castaldi, 215-717-6283
Science (incl. SIFT) & Math Josh Roberts, 215-717-6244
Social Sciences TBD (Contact Sara MacDonald), 215-717-6282

Graduate Programs
Program/s LiaisonContact
Art Education/CS M.Ed. Sara MacDonald, 215-717-6282
Book Arts/Printmaking Laura Grutzeck, 215-717-6294
Dance MFA Sara MacDonald, 215-717-6282
Devised Performance Jim Cowen, 215-717-6293
Museum Studies Sara MacDonald, 215-717-6282
Music Jim Cowen, 215-717-6293
Product Design Sara MacDonald, 215-717-6282
Studio Art TBD (Contact Sara MacDonald), 215-717-6282
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