This is a guide for finding materials about job-hunting or vocational guidance in the Greenfield and Music Libraries at the University of the Arts®. It lists print materials that deal primarily with the visual and performing arts. Send any questions about this topic to Mary Louise Castaldi, Reference Librarian, at

For Music information, see Music Careers and Career Management

SEE ALSO Résumés, Portfolios, & Auditions

The FIRST STOP for any student looking for job or career information should be CAREER SERVICES.

Each main heading is followed by appropriate subject headings which may be used to search additional materials in this or other libraries, including E-books.

All listed books are in the Greenfield Library unless noted as being in the Music Library.
REF before the call number indicates location in the Reference Section and library in-use only. Reference books are listed first in each section.



Careers in focus. Art.
2nd ed. Ferguson, c2008.
N8350 .C37 2008

Careers in focus. Design.
2nd ed. Ferguson, c2005.
NK1172 .C37 2005

Field, Shelly. Career opportunities in advertising and public relations.
3rd ed. Facts on File, c2002.
HF5828.4 .F54 2002

Gardner, Elizabeth b. Opportunities in arts and crafts careers.
Rev. ed. McGraw-Hill, c2006.
NX163 .G37 2006

Job Bank Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. Online database of local job listings, especially administrative.

Occupational outlook handbook, 2010-2011. U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Washington, D.C. : The Bureau.

Ormont, Ronda. Career solutions for creative people: how to balance artistic goals with career security. Allworth Press, c2001.
HF5382.7 .O76 2001

Top careers for art graduates. Checkmark Books/Facts On File, c2004.
N8350 .T66 2004



Alburger, James R. The art of voice acting: the craft and business of performing for voice-over. 2nd ed. Focal Press, 2002.
791.45028023 Al15a 2002
Greenfield CDs & CD-ROM GCD320 (Ask at the Circulation Desk)

Gillespie, Bonnie. Self-management for actors: getting down to (show) business. 3rd ed. Cricket Feet Pub., c2009.
PN2055 .G49 2014



Greenfield Reference

Artist's & graphic designer's market: how to sell your art and make a living
F & W Publications for Writer's Digest Books, c1994- Published annually.
REF N8600 .A76 2018

Literary market place with names and numbers. R. R. Bowker Co. Published annually.
-*- Lists US and Canadian book publishers, literary agents, book manufacturers, editorial and art services, photographers, photo agencies, awards and prizes, etc. Good source for illustrators. -*-
REF PN161 .L5 v.1-2 2017

Greenfield Open Stacks

Abbott, Robert J. Art & reality: the new standard reference guide and business plan for actively developing your career as an artist.
3rd ed. Seven Locks Press, c2001.
N8600 .A19 2001

AIGA professional practices in graphic design. Allworth Press ; co-published with the American Institute of Graphic Arts, c2008.
NC1001.6 .A44 2008

Austin, Tricia. New media design. Laurence King Pub., 2007.
NC997 .A775 2007

Business of art: an artist's guide to profitable self-employment. Center for Cultural Innovation, c2008.
N8600 .B8753 2008

Careers in focus. Design.
2nd ed. Ferguson, c2005.
NK1172 .C37 2005

Clark, Sheree L. Get noticed! self-promotion for creative professionals. North Light Books, 2000.
NK634 .C58 2000

Crawford, Tad. The graphic design business book. Allworth Press: Graphic Artists Guild, c2005.
NC1001.6 .C69 2005

Foote, Cameron S. The creative business guide to running a graphic design business.
updated ed. W. W. Norton, c2009.
NC998.5.A1 F663 2009

Goodman, Calvin J. Art marketing handbook: art marketing in the 21st century.
7th ed., rev. and enl. Gee Tee Bee, c2003.
N8600 .G6597 2003

Grant, Daniel. The business of being an artist. 4th ed. Allworth Press, c2010.
N8600 .G7 2015

Grant, Daniel. The fine artist's career guide: making money in the arts and beyond.
2nd ed. Allworth Press, c2004.
N6505 .G657 2004

Hannah, Bruce. Becoming a product designer: a guide to careers in design. Wiley, c2004.
TS171 .H345 2004

Heller, Steven. Becoming a graphic & digital designer : a guide to careers in design.
John Wiley & Sons, c2015. NC1001 .H45 2015

Ilasco, Meg Mateo. Creative, inc.: the ultimate guide to running a successful freelance business. Chronicle Books, c2010.
N8350 .I42 2010

Lazzari, Margaret R. The practical handbook for the emerging artist. Harcourt College Pub., c2002.
N6505 .L39 2002

Linde, Riccard. Game art: creation, direction, and careers. 1st ed. Charles River Media, c2005.
Greenfield CDs & CD-ROM GCD300 (Ask at the Circulation Desk)

Michels, Caroll. How to survive and prosper as an artist: selling yourself w/o selling your soul. 6th ed. H. Holt, 2009.
N6505 .M46 2009

Piscopo, Maria. The graphic designer's and illustrator's guide to marketing and promotion. Allworth Press, c2004.
NC1001.6 .P577 2004

Shapiro, Ellen. The graphic designer's guide to clients: how to make clients happy and do great work. Allworth Press, c2003.
NC1001.6 .S48 2003

Shaughnessy, Adrian. How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul. Princeton Architectural Press, 2010.
NC1001 .S53 2010

Stanfield, Alyson b. I'd rather be in the studio!: the artist's no-excuse guide to self-promotion. Pentas Press, 2008.
N8600 .S73 2008

Art Education/Museums


NOTE: For annual directories of public and private elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools, look for Patterson's American Education and Patterson's Elementary Education. The Greenfield Library does not have these; try the Education Dept. at the Free Library of Philadelphia or any other medium-to-large academic or public library.

The handbook of private schools. Sargent, c1952- Published annually.
REF 373 H2 2006

Requirements for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools.
University of Chicago Press, 1935- Published annually.
REF 371 R299 2010-11
MUSIC REF LB1771 .R46 2009-10

Echaore-McDavid, Susan. Career opportunities in education. Facts on File/Checkmark Books, c2001.
370.2373 Ec41co

Pandiscio, Herbert F. (Herbert Frederick) Job hunting in education: an insider's guide. ScarecrowEducation, 2004.
370.2373 P192j

Wong, Harry K. The first days of school: how to be an effective teacher. Harry K. Wong Publications, c2005.
MUSIC LIBRARY LB1775 .W66 2005 MUSIC Multimedia LB1775 .W66 2005 CD-ROM (Ask at the Circulation Desk)

Aviso (e-newsletter of American Association of Museums)

Online version provides access to classifieds.

Burdick, Jan E. Creative careers in museums. Allworth Press, 2008.
069.023 B897c

CAA (College Art Association)
Online site provides access to fellowships, awards, seminars, teaching positions

Chronicle of Higher Education [weekly] - All types of jobs in education: lists teaching positions, grants.
located first floor Greenfield Library

Schlatter, N. Elizabeth. Museum careers: a practical guide for students and novices. Left Coast Press, c2008.
069.023 Sch36m



Caputo, Kathryn. How to start making money with your crafts. Rev. ed. Betterway Books, c1999.
745.5068 C175h 1999

Creating a new craft culture: American Craft Council conference 2009. American Craft Council, c2010.
745.0905 Am35c

Gardner, Elizabeth B. Opportunities in arts and crafts careers.
Rev. ed. McGraw-Hill, c2006.
700.23 G172o 2006

Levine, Faythe. Handmade nation: the rise of DIY, art, craft, and design. Princeton Architectural Press, c2008.
745.5 L578h

Rowley, Lee. How to market and sell your art, music, photographs, and handmade crafts online: turn your hobby into a cash machine. Atlantic Pub. Group, c2008.
745.50688 R796S

Dance / Performing Arts


The Back stage actor's handbook: the how-to and who-to-contact reference for actors, singers, and dancers.
4th ed., rev. and expanded. Back Stage Books, c2004.
-*- A collection of articles gathered from Back Stage on resumes, photos, auditioning, agents, publicity, etc. Covers acting, dancing, and singing. -*-
REF 792.028023 B126e

Dance annual directory. Macfadden Dance magazine, LLC., c2003- Published annually. [formerly Stern's directory]
-*- lists dance companies, dance professionals, managers & agents, festivals, funding, resources and study.-*-
REF 790.2025 D195 2006

The Grey House performing arts directory. Grey House Pub., 2000- Published annually.
REF 792 G86 2007

Musical America: international directory of the performing arts. ABC Consumer Magazines; Musical America Publications,[196-?] Published annually.
MUSIC REF ML12 .M985 2011

Stage directors handbook: opportunities for directors and choreographers. 2nd ed. Theatre Communications Group, 2006.
-*- Lists training and development programs, service organizations, agents and managers, grants and fellowships, festivals, etc. -*-
REF 792.0233023 St13h 2006

Careers in focus. Performing arts.
2nd ed. Ferguson, c2006.
790.2023 C18p

Field, Shelly. Career opportunities in theater and the performing arts. 3rd ed. Ferguson, c2006.
790.2023 F458c 2006

Hamilton, Linda H. Advice for dancers: emotional counsel and practical strategies. 1st ed. Jossey-Bass Publishers, c1998.
793.301 H18a 1998

Harrington, Bob. The cabaret artist's handbook. Back Stage Books, 2000.

Horosko, Marian. The dancer's survival manual: everything you need to know from the first class to career change.
2nd ed. University Press of Florida, c2009.
793.3023 H785d 2009

Upper, Nancy. Ballet dancers in career transition: sixteen success stories. McFarland & Co., c2004.
792.80922 Up6b

Film/Stage/TV Production


Film writers. IFILM pub., c2001- Published annually.
-*- Lists guilds, agents and managers -*-
REF 791.4370922 F487 2002

Stage directors handbook: opportunities for directors and choreographers. 2nd ed. Theatre Communications Group, 2006.
-*- Lists training and development programs, service organizations, agents and managers, grants and fellowships, festivals, etc. -*-
REF 792.0233023 St13h 2006

Careers in focus. Film. Ferguson, c2006.
791.43023 C18f

The connected screenwriter: a comprehensive guide to the U.S. and international studios, networks, production companies, and filmmakers that want to buy your screenplay.
1st U.S. ed. St. Martin's Griffin, 2009.
808.23 C762t 2009

Densham, Pen. Riding the alligator: strategies for a career in screenplay writing-- and not getting eaten. Michael Wiese Productions, c2011.
808.23 D433r

Finer, Abby. Starting your television writing career: the Warner Bros. television writers workshop guide. 1st ed. Syracuse University Press, 2004.
808.225 F494s 2004

Goldberg, Jan. Great jobs for theater majors.
2nd ed. McGraw-Hill, c2005.
792.0293 G564g 2005

Gordon, Sandra R. Action!: establishing your career in film & television production.
Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, c2002.
791.43023 G658a

Kelly, Thomas A. The back stage guide to stage management: traditional and new methods for running a show from first rehearsal to last performance.
3rd ed. Backstage Books, 2009.
792.023 K298b 2009

Lawler, Mike. Careers in technical theater. Allworth Press, c2007.
792.0293 L423c

Levy, David B. Animation development: from pitch to production. Allworth Press, c2009.
791.4334023 L579a

Levy, David B. Your career in animation: how to survive and thrive. Allworth Press, c2006.
791.4334023 L579y

Martin, Reed. The reel truth: everything you didn't know you need to know about making an independent film. 1st ed. Faber and Faber, 2009.
791.430233 M365r 2009

Moody, James L. The business of theatrical design. Allworth Press, c2002.
792.025023 M773b

Raugust, Karen. The animation business handbook. 1st ed. St. Martin's Press, 2004.
384.830973 R192a 2004

Trottier, David. The screenwriter's bible: a complete guide to writing, formatting, and selling your script. 5th ed., expanded and updated. Silman-James Press, c2010.
808.23 T755s 2010

Yager, Fred. Career opportunities in the film industry. 2nd ed. Ferguson, c2009.
791.43023 Y1c 2009



ASMP professional business practices in photography. 7th ed. Allworth Press, c2008.
REF 770.68 As55a 2008

Photographer's market. Writer's Digest, 1978- Published annually.
-*- "Where and how to sell your photographs: 2500 places to sell your news, publicity, product, scenic, portrait, fashion wildlife, audiovisual, sports and travel photos." -*-
REF 770.232 P5665 2011

Careers in focus. Photography.
2nd ed. Ferguson, c2009.
770.23 C18ph 2009

Gilbert, George. Career opportunities in photography. Ferguson, c2006.
770.23 G373ca

Heller, Dan. A digital photographer's guide to model releases: making the best business decisions with your photos of people, places and things.
Wiley Pub., c2008.
770 H367d

PDN Photo District News [monthly] - Lists contests, professional services, business resources, help-wanted.
Online version provides access to classifieds.

Weisgrau, Richard. The real business of photography. Allworth Press; ASMP, 2004.
770.68 W435r

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