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What is the Picture File?

  • The Picture File consists of thousands of mounted pictures from various sources including magazines, books, calendars, maps, catalogues, etc.

  • The pictures are located in filing cabinets on the lower level of the Greenfield Library and may be checked out.

  • The pictures are broken down into the categories of Subjects and Artists' Works. The Picture File is a popular and heavily-used resource.

How do I use the Picture File?

  • The largest portion of the picture file is the Subjects section. Example subjects are: animals, chewing gum, facial expressions, love, photography in war, sports equipment, and yawning.

    Each picture in the Subject section is filed by its subject heading. The subject headings are created using a hierarchical system. This means, for example, that a picture of a dog is not found under D for dog but under ANIMALS--DOGS. Snakes are under REPTILES--SNAKES. You must use the Picture File Thesaurus. It guides you to the words and phrases used for subject headings and to many SEE and SEE ALSO references.

  • The Picture File Thesaurus is in a three-ring binder near the filing cabinets.

  • The Artists' Works section contains pictures of all kinds of artists' works, whether the artist is a photographer, painter, sculptor, or whatever type of artist. It is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the artist.

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