There is no limit to the number of items that faculty may have checked out at at time, except where indicated.

Circulating books, scores, pictures  12 weeks
LPs, audiotapes  1 day
Circulating videotapes, CDs, DVDs (3 max)  7 days
Slides, with permission from faculty  2 weeks
Pedagogical CDs (e.g., Aebersold series)  1 day

Most materials may be renewed for up to one year as long as the patron is in good standing (see below). Materials MUST be returned after one year. Library materials are university property and should be taken seriously.

Please note that interlibrary loan materials are the property of the loaning library and renewals are at their discression. Interlibrary loan materials accrue overdue fines at the rate of $1.00 per day.


You may renew materials yourself, through your library record online, or you may call the Greenfield (215-717-6280) or Music (215-717-6292) Library. Please note that this does not apply to course reserve materials.

Circulating books, scores and pictures may be renewed for up to one year by University of the Arts students, faculty and staff if no one else has requested them. Faculty may renew circulating videos, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and CDs (except those on course reserve) once, for an additional week. After one year, materials must be returned or borrowing privileges will be suspended. This policy applies to ALL patrons, including faculty.

Holds and Recalls

Holds: If an item is checked out, anyone eligible to borrow may place a hold on it. This prevents the patron who has it checked out from renewing it but does not affect the due date. When an item with a hold on it is returned, you will receive a notice that the item is ready for you in the respective library. You may place a hold on checked-out items yourself through the online catalog or you may ask library staff at the circulation desk to do so for you. Holds cannot be placed on items that are not checked out.

Recalls: Faculty, students, or staff may place a recall on a checked-out item. Recalls must be placed by library staff. Recalling an item alters the due date for the patron who currently has the item checked out. That patron will have 10 days from the date of the recall to continue using the item and return it by the new due date. If you receive a recall notice, please pay attention to it: the overdue fines for recalled items are $1.00/day, up to a maximum accrual of $20.00 per item.

Proxy Borrowing

Faculty may designate a student assistant or administrative assistant to borrow library materials from the UArts Libraries for the faculty member. Only one person may be designated as a proxy borrower. The person you appoint as a proxy borrower must bring their own valid UArts ID each time to borrow under your name. Use the form on our Proxy Borrowing page to authorize your proxy borrower.

Replacement Fees

Material Type Replacement fee
Books, scores, audio and video recordings $100.00 minimum + $15.00 processing fee
Picture File materials $2.00 per picture
Slides $3.00 per slide

Please note that the replacement fees listed here are the minimum fee; fees can be more depending on the item. Library materials are university property. All materials must be returned or paid for and all fines must be paid in full in order for students to receive their diplomas or to receive transcripts.

Patrons who have lost library materials have the option of purchasing a new copy of the item for the library and paying the library only the $15.00 processing fee. This must be cleared with Carol Graney before doing so.

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